We Build Awesome Stuff.

As a small business ourselves, we understand how to work to a budget and thus our product offering is of the highest quality yet won’t break the bank!


We build simple, easy-to-use websites that are mobile responsive and look amazing on any device. In 2018, an awesome website is a necessity for a business - don't get left behind.

Marketing, PR & Branding

Starting a new company? Needing to get the word out about your product? We can provide you with the right branding,  social and marketing strategies.



We can help come up with some basic optimisation strategies that get your brand's voice heard and help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

About Us

Ripe Digital aren’t huge. We don’t have a refurbished warehouse office in Richmond or ride bikes to and from the office with our almond lattés – we sometimes have an office dog, but that depends on if Jason can be bothered.

We’re web consultants whose primary focus is to help small businesses establish and embellish their digital footprint. The digital space is so vast and saturated right now that it’s hard to have your voice heard, but with our services, you can rest assured that you’ll begin to stand out from the crowd.

Being a small business ourselves, we feel that everybody should have affordable access to web development without having to outsource or trying it themselves (only to fail in most instances) – with Ripe Digital, the mission is simple: to build awesome stuff without breaking the bank.

So drop us a line if you’d like to find out how we can help your business, or even just to chat (we’re also experts in a range of other topics!).

Our Team

Eddie Abed

Eddie Abed


Eddie has years of experience as a project manager working with both startup and corporate clients, and will ensure your digital transformation is amazing! Ask him about the time a project he managed went #1 in the App Store! Bonus points if you can beat him in a rap battle…

Jason Couts

Jason Couts


Jason has done it all in his career – led projects with budgets of over $1m, overseen a team of Project Managers and even wrestled a bear… okay, we made that part up. His leadership, technical knowledge and insane work ethic will ensure you get the best outcome possible!

What Can We Offer You?

An About Us page is all well and good, but what exactly do we do? Easy – head to our Services page to read about how we can help you.